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Wonderland & Nightmare - Avenida Dr. Waksman 5

Las Reliquias de la Muerte & El Torneo de los Magos - Calle Alcoy 6

Cena + Cluedo - Hotel NH Las Artes


Email: contacto@theroomescape.es

Tfno: 611 43 00 33 (de 10h a 22h) 

Tfno Solo Cluedo: 611 69 37 37 (de 10h a 22h) 


The Magical Hallows

90 min

​World is under a terrible Magical War.

An evil sorcerer is killing anyone who dares confronting him.

In order to defeat him, you will have to enter into a castle and collect

the objects that could destroy him, apart of escaping alive from there.

You will have 90 minutes to accomplish a main mission, but there's an optional

secondary one for the most experienced magicians.


Normal mode: 9/10.

Sherlock mode: 10/10 

Game duration: 90 min

Prices per person:

2 people: 30€

3 people: 20€

4 people: 18€

5 people: 17€

6 people: 15€


75 min

You are a group of friends visiting Europe.

One day, you stop at a tiny village in the middle of nowhere.

It seems that they're having fun at a party, but nobody fancies you. However, the mayor invites you to his mansion and offers some food and wine. A bit later, you start feeling dizzy until you fall unconscious.

Looks like they're preparing you for some kind of sacrifice...

Will you be able to escape your fate on time?


Normal mode: 8/10.

Sherlock mode: 9/10 

Game duration: 75 min

Prices per person (monday-thursday):

2 people: 25€

3 people: 17€

4 people: 14€

5 people: 13€

6 people: 11€

Prices per person (friday-sunday and festivities):

2 people: 25€

3 people: 19€

4 people: 16€

5 people: 15€

6 people: 13€


60 min

Cheshire's cat lied you. Now you are trapped in Wonderland and you can't leave. Do you think it is just a children tale? Enter into this game carefully decorated, and use your 5 senses to return home.


Normal mode: 8/10.

Sherlock mode: 9/10 

Game duration: 60 min

Prices per person:

2 people: 15€

3 people: 14€

4 people: 13€

5 people: 11€

6 people: 10€

*Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Festivities prices would change to 2people-25€/each, 3people-17€/each*

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